Strange items moved around the world by couriers

When we think about couriering, the first thing that comes to mind is paperwork. Indeed, paperwork or documents is the most common item couriered. But couriers also attend to consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial equipment, valuable artwork and almost anything and everything you can think of. When you imagine small vans or courier delivery guys dropping off parcels riding a bicycle because the company has endorsed some green initiatives, you don’t imagine very strange items or massive parcels being dropped off. But couriers do attend to some very quaint, strange and at times weird shipments.

Here are just some of the many strange items moved around the world by couriers.

Courier companies ship livestock or animals. When we think of shipping livestock or animals, we usually imagine large ships and massive consignments. But that is not always the case. At times, only one animal needs to be transported from one place to another. Even if the consignment is large, courier companies like Courierpoint are equipped enough to meet the challenges. Recently, an 850 pound male polar bear was transported from Alaska to a zoo in Missouri. The polar bear weighed 850 pounds and it was couriered in environment controlled flight and truck. The polar bear had been orphaned in Alaska and it needed care and intervention. The bear was flown from Alaska on a special flight to New York. Thereon, the bear was taken to the Saint Louis Zoo in an environment controlled truck. You may still relate to shipping birds and pets but a polar bear requires a very specific type of climate which is quite demanding for any courier company. Yet, the infrastructure and the expertise exist to cater to such challenging missions.

Animals and perishable items are perhaps the strangest items moved around the world by couriers. They need special treatment and cannot be transported by ordinary means. If you send a parcel to Portugal that contains a mobile phone, the shipment is a cakewalk. But if you are to send a large boulder excavated from some archeological site, then the shipment becomes a completely different ballgame. And yes, from boulders to archeological remains of extinct species, from endangered marine organisms to anything you can think of, couriers attend to all kinds of common and strange items.

From the fleet to the expertise of personnel attending to such strange shipments, the courier industry has the infrastructure and manpower to attend to all kinds of challenging deliveries.