How to Look After A Bearded Dragon

Friendly, inquisitive and possessing a non-aggressive nature, bearded dragons make for excellent pets. But although they are one of the easiest reptile species to look after, they still need due care and attention in order to live a happy and healthy life.


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The BBC website has reported a rise in the number of abandoned pet reptiles in the past year. This has been attributed to many people not knowing enough about how to properly care for these wonderful animals. All reptile species have very specific requirements when it comes to habitat, diet and temperature, so it is important to decide beforehand whether keeping a bearded dragon as a pet is for you.

The Right Environment

As mentioned on the BBC website, bearded dragons are quite happy living on their own. They do not have any particular need for companionship, although females will comfortably co-exist. Male bearded dragons should never be kept together as they will fight. As this species of lizard is non-aggressive towards humans, many will soon form a bond with their owner and happily sit on knees and shoulders.

When buying a bearded dragon, always choose a reputable dealer such as TheReptileCentre and it is essential that the environment they are housed in matches their needs in terms of temperature and surroundings. Adult dragons can grow in excess of two feet in length, so their home vivarium should be at least four feet long. Lighting and heating should both be carefully monitored to enable your dragon to absorb the calcium that it needs. An ultraviolet light should be kept switched on for at least 10 hours a day. A spotlight emitting a temperature of around thirty-five degrees Celsius should be kept at one end of the vivarium under which your dragon can bask.

The Right Diet

Although bearded dragons enjoy eating live insects, their main diet consists of vegetable matter. Fresh food such as spring greens, watercress, dandelions and grated carrot should be supplied to your dragon on a daily basis. As regards water, bearded dragons drink very small droplets. This mimics how a dragon absorbs the morning dew in the wild.

If kept in the right environment, fed the correct diet and handled appropriately, a bearded dragon can make a wonderful companion, with healthy dragons living for upto 15 years.