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Looking after your pets in the summer

Just as the warm weather presents risks for humans, it also presents risks for our animals so it is vital that you follow some simple rules to keep your animals safe during spells of hot weather.

In July 2015 the BBC reported that Britain had experienced the hottest July day on record, when temperatures reached 36.7C or 98F. Although many people enjoy the hot weather it is not without risks for some, and animals are no exception. There are several pieces of advice that should be followed with regard to caring for animals in high temperatures.

Looking after your pets in the summer

General pet advice for hot weather

It is important during hot weather that animals who live in hutches or cages, including birds, are kept in the shade and they should have access to plenty of water. The Met office has issued some guidance via the PDSA detailing how to look after animals during periods of high temperatures. Advice includes checking rabbits for maggot (flystrike) infestations which can prove fatal, as well as knowing how to spot the signs of heatstroke in animals.

Looking after dogs in hot weather

There are risks for all animals in hot weather but for dogs there are some very serious risks; the main one being caused by leaving them in cars during hot weather. Doing this, even with the windows open and just for a few minutes, puts your pet at risk of heatstroke which could be fatal. Always ensure that you walk your dog first thing in the morning or later in the day and make sure that they have access to plenty of fresh, clean drinking water. It is also important during hot weather to make sure your dog’s hair is kept short in order to prevent them from overheating. You can do this by ensuring your dog is groomed regularly to keep their hair short. Pet groomers are available in most regions. For example, people in the west of the UK can arrange dog grooming in Cheltenham from a company such as blossoms who offer dog grooming in Cheltenham and beyond.

It is also worth buying your dog a wet wrap or sun reflective dog tabard for particularly hot

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Shopping Food For Pets

Irrespective of whether you own a cat or dog, or any other domestic animal, they all need plenty of love, good nourishment, and diligent care. Food is particularly important, so your beloved pets can lead a healthy life. Awareness about what is good for your pet and what is not, not only saves you from making countless visits to the vet, it also helps you enjoy a tension-free time with it. There are a number of things you should keep in mind while buying food from a pet shop. Following is a list of a few such do’s and don’ts.


Your pet’s age: While selecting food for it, you need to keep in mind the age of your pet. You should select one that suits its age, growth, activity levels and reproductive status. Young animals require more calories than the older ones in order to grow well. Also, pregnant pets need more nutrition for the proper development of their unborn babies. Bear in mind that you should not stick to a particular kind of nutrition only, such as proteins or carbohydrates.

The expiry date: You must never forget to check the expiry date on a food product before buying it, whether for yourself or for your pet. You cannot, under any condition, serve your pet stale food. So check the ‘best before’ section and go for food products that are the freshest. This especially applies to canned, packaged, and frozen foods.

The nutrition content: You must opt for nutrient-rich food for your pet. Like human beings, all pets are different. Every pet has its own nutritional requirements and preferences. You need to select foods that best suit the unique needs of your pet. You must also check the ingredients’ list on the food product to ensure that it does not contain anything that your pet is allergic to.

Their natural needs: If you are a cat or a dog owner, you must always remember that your pet is essentially a carnivorous animal. Hence, you cannot merely serve it plant proteins. You need to select food that contains meat for your pet. There are a number of options available in the market to choose from. Incorporating meat in its diet is important as it fulfills a major chunk of your pet’s daily nutritional requirements.

Water content of food: Water is the major constituent of your body and that of your pet. Water aids different bodily processes like digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. So while it may not seem so, water is one of the most important sources of nutrition. Dogs drink plenty of water but cats generally don’t. This does not mean they don’t need any. Cats have evolved to fulfill their water requirements from the food they eat. It is therefore important to select food for them that contains adequate moisture.

Strange items moved around the world by couriers

When we think about couriering, the first thing that comes to mind is paperwork. Indeed, paperwork or documents is the most common item couriered. But couriers also attend to consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial equipment, valuable artwork and almost anything and everything you can think of. When you imagine small vans or courier delivery guys dropping off parcels riding a bicycle because the company has endorsed some green initiatives, you don’t imagine very strange items or massive parcels being dropped off. But couriers do attend to some very quaint, strange and at times weird shipments.

Here are just some of the many strange items moved around the world by couriers.

Courier companies ship livestock or animals. When we think of shipping livestock or animals, we usually imagine large ships and massive consignments. But that is not always the case. At times, only one animal needs to be transported from one place to another. Even if the consignment is large, courier companies like Courierpoint are equipped enough to meet the challenges. Recently, an 850 pound male polar bear was transported from Alaska to a zoo in Missouri. The polar bear weighed 850 pounds and it was couriered in environment controlled flight and truck. The polar bear had been orphaned in Alaska and it needed care and intervention. The bear was flown from Alaska on a special flight to New York. Thereon, the bear was taken to the Saint Louis Zoo in an environment controlled truck. You may still relate to shipping birds and pets but a polar bear requires a very specific type of climate which is quite demanding for any courier company. Yet, the infrastructure and the expertise exist to cater to such challenging missions.

Animals and perishable items are perhaps the strangest items moved around the world by couriers. They need special treatment and cannot be transported by ordinary means. If you send a parcel to Portugal that contains a mobile phone, the shipment is a cakewalk. But if you are to send a large boulder excavated from some archeological site, then the shipment becomes a completely different ballgame. And yes, from boulders to archeological remains of extinct species, from endangered marine organisms to anything you can think of, couriers attend to all kinds of common and strange items.

From the fleet to the expertise of personnel attending to such strange shipments, the courier industry has the infrastructure and manpower to attend to all kinds of challenging deliveries.


Make Sure Your Surrendered Whippet Finds A Loving Home

As a pint-sized Greyhound, Whippets are built for speed. Their long, powerful legs and sleek silhouette makes it possible for them to sprint faster than any other breed, and their lithe physique allows them to twist and turn on a dime to follow their quarry wherever it takes them. While Whippets are known around the world for its prowess on the racetrack, they’re also an affectionate, friendly dog. Their gentle demeanour is why you got your little Jake. You and Jake make a great team, except when you’re away on business. Your incredibly busy schedule makes it difficult to care for Jake, who has boundless energy that needs to be burnt off each day.


Since you got Jake, you’ve learned that, though quiet in the home, Whippets need a lot of exercise. Jake, like every other one of his breed, needs multiple trips outside where he could put his sprinting abilities to the test. Unfortunately, with your work you can’t provide this for him. It is not an easy decision to find a new home for a beloved family member but sometimes, for the benefit of the dog, you have to. If you have found yourself in a position to find a new forever home for a Whippet there are some things to consider to ensure this beautiful animal is accepted into a loving home.

First, many people who are looking to adopt a new family pet prefer a dog that has been spayed or neutered. This can be a costly procedure for a new owner. It’s a benefit to the new owner, and your Whippet, to spay or neuter before re-homing. Even if you’ve already fixed your dog, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your vet for a check-up to make sure all shots are up to date. When perspective new owners come to meet your Whippet, a recent health record will show them that your pet is well cared for. If by chance any health issues are found during an exam, when interviewing new owners any special needs can be taken into consideration. The last thing you would want is your Whippet going to a home that cannot provide for its well-being.

As much as these interviews are meant for prospective buyers to learn about your dog, it’s also an opportunity for you to learn about your dog’s potential new owners. Interview them to make sure they’re up for the job. Speak with them to learn more about their personalities. You only want Jake going to the best home, so you need to make sure his new owners will be loving and have the time to exercise him. Using an adopt a pet online classified section is a great way to find the best adoptive parents for Jake. It’s a way of getting in touch with dog lovers who live your local community. And as the seller, you have complete control over the exchange. You can set your price, and only give Jake away to those who really impress you.

It’s always bittersweetre homing a pet, but once you have connected with the right person you and Jake will know it. Online classifieds let you vet adoptive parents until you find the best solution for your dog. And if you’re lucky, your whippet’s adoptive parents will keep in touch, sending you pics and updates of Jake’s time in his new home.

How to Look After A Bearded Dragon

Friendly, inquisitive and possessing a non-aggressive nature, bearded dragons make for excellent pets. But although they are one of the easiest reptile species to look after, they still need due care and attention in order to live a happy and healthy life.


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The BBC website has reported a rise in the number of abandoned pet reptiles in the past year. This has been attributed to many people not knowing enough about how to properly care for these wonderful animals. All reptile species have very specific requirements when it comes to habitat, diet and temperature, so it is important to decide beforehand whether keeping a bearded dragon as a pet is for you.

The Right Environment

As mentioned on the BBC website, bearded dragons are quite happy living on their own. They do not have any particular need for companionship, although females will comfortably co-exist. Male bearded dragons should never be kept together as they will fight. As this species of lizard is non-aggressive towards humans, many will soon form a bond with their owner and happily sit on knees and shoulders.

When buying a bearded dragon, always choose a reputable dealer such as TheReptileCentre and it is essential that the environment they are housed in matches their needs in terms of temperature and surroundings. Adult dragons can grow in excess of two feet in length, so their home vivarium should be at least four feet long. Lighting and heating should both be carefully monitored to enable your dragon to absorb the calcium that it needs. An ultraviolet light should be kept switched on for at least 10 hours a day. A spotlight emitting a temperature of around thirty-five degrees Celsius should be kept at one end of the vivarium under which your dragon can bask.

The Right Diet

Although bearded dragons enjoy eating live insects, their main diet consists of vegetable matter. Fresh food such as spring greens, watercress, dandelions and grated carrot should be supplied to your dragon on a daily basis. As regards water, bearded dragons drink very small droplets. This mimics how a dragon absorbs the morning dew in the wild.

If kept in the right environment, fed the correct diet and handled appropriately, a bearded dragon can make a wonderful companion, with healthy dragons living for upto 15 years.

Where you should Buy Any Reptile To help keep As Any Pet

Reptiles may be intimidating. They can be great animals. The key is at the education with the owner. Many reptiles are purchased for pets for your wrong causes. Sometimes any reptile will be bought away from spite toward another relative. Sometimes any reptile will be purchased as simply a show-piece to be able to impress other folks. Maybe possessing an amazing pet makes anyone feel a lot more important for some reason, more intriguing, more hazardous. But many individuals just do not know what they’re stepping into because they don’t really research appropriately beforehand.
Initial, you got to know the laws within your state regarding owning a great exotic family pet. In Quarterly report, for illustration, you desire a license to help keep a local reptile inside captivity. You will have to know in case you are allowed to secure a reptile coming from even your own personal backyard. That is also regarded the outrageous, as this is a natural surroundings. A reptile keeper or even a pet shop will be the only areas to legally have a reptile to help keep as any pet.
This really is better for your reptile at the same time to purchase the one that is created in captivity than to eliminate one coming from its surrounding and pushed it directly into captivity.
It is possible to, of training course, take the chances and acquire a family pet from a great advertisement in the newspaper. Many times that is a powerful way to get much on the particular cage and also accessories along with starter food for your pet. Some individuals sell their particular pets inside garage revenue. Sometimes people create an area in the parking lot to produce their family pet. Remember you might be taking the chances on the fitness of the family pet, on virtually any diseases the pet could possibly spread for your requirements as properly. Hopefully, you will have recommended of what the pet and almost all it is sold with would cost in case you purchase all of it new so that you will won’t get cheated.
Big well-known flea markets are already known to hold reptiles and also accessories. Regulars retain booths frequently, so that returning to ask questions is probably not a difficulty. Be positive to ask in the event the seller can be a regular on the flea industry or the method that you may make contact with him/her or even. You can order the reptile from your magazine ad or simply from a great online resource. Many times a favorite mall could have a family pet shop at the same time, or there may be one neighborhood.
To understand the reptile and its particular needs, have a look at books on the local selection. Check regarding others locally who may well already very own a reptile of one’s interest to enable you to get ideas and assistance from an individual experienced. There could be groups locally for exotic pet owners. You’ll need to find out who these individuals take their particular reptile to be able to for accidents or disease, too.

Know that just must be pet shop features a certain pet on the market, does not necessarily mean the master or salesclerk can be an expert inside the care and also special needs of the particular dog. Do your own personal research ahead of time, no make a difference where you determine to purchase the reptile!

Wonderful Richell Family pet Gates: Can you Fancy Wall-Mount Or perhaps Freestanding Family pet

Attractive Richell Family pet Gates: Can you Fancy Wall-Mount Or perhaps Freestanding Family pet Gates?
There are different varieties of Richell family pet gates offered in the marketplace place, however virtually these have a single common feature – the particular stunning Richell wood construction, making these incredibly attractive in addition to being amazingly functional!
Sometimes, house owners start using a gate to help keep the family pet from getting into spots of your property that are usually unsafe in their mind. For illustration, the gate can be employed to retain dogs coming from receiving in the garage. There are significant amounts of tools and also chemicals which could threaten with a pet’s health and fitness, and it really is far safer to be risk-free in comparison to sorry.
Richell puppy gates are located in pressure place, hardware put in and freestanding family pet gate options. The Richell freestanding family pet bars are usually favored because of the ease and also convenience. These entrances are regular sufficient the residents wouldn’t normally have to be able to stress on the necessity to put in it. Many homeowners usually are not so optimistic when that involves components positioning, and freestanding gates are simply just even a lot more handy (despite the fact that bars near the top of stairways need to constantly become hardware-installed regarding safety! )#).
Richell totally free standing family pet gates would definitely likewise become recommended for many who are not too certain in which they want it being put. While they may simply be moved from area to a additional, homeowners that are usually indecisive need not anxiety concerning creating everything long-term. It becomes more effective simply because that components positioned entrances might abandon long-term pockets and cuts around the wall constructions or around the staircase. Just one more type could be the extendable Richell family pet fence, which will definitely not necessarily demand residents to obtain extra panels to produce the fence insurance plan wider.
Significant amounts of property masters utilize entrances to independent pet dogs from youngsters. There can simply be several reasons to achieve this. Occasionally, pets are at the same time big they can actually hurt the little one accidentally. In the event the youngster will be eating, the canine has to likewise become kept apart, especially since he can quite possibly make an effort to get how a kid will be eating. Regarding incredibly youngsters, close come across with pets can simply also result in asthma strike and several other kinds of allergies.

Richell freestanding family pet bars use a typical dimensions of twenty eight. 3 ins to 47. 2 ins, which ensure it is right regarding doorways and also corridors. Additionally, there are additional extensive or expandable freestanding family pet gates or perhaps the popular Richell A single Touch one hundred fifty Pet Gate in the event the requirement remains not enough to manage the great deal.
The many usual styles for Richell family pet gates would are located in varnished timber. The some other alternative is called origami white which includes an unbelievably clean-cut appeal due to white color. The elevation for your gates also differs. The smaller ones would be suited to mini puppies, while the particular taller family pet fence can simply be regarding medium-sized or perhaps huge puppies.

You don’t need several Webkinz facts about Webkinz Pet from your month

Just what do you recognize webkinz toys and games? Exactly what can you understand webkinz pets with the month? In the first place, I must ask whatever you learn concerning webkinz toys and games. If almost no (even though the product extends to be more and even more popular extremely day), you will need some webkinz details. Webkinz family pet toys: exactly why are they will loved?
Today webkinz family pet toys are usually appreciated being a clever toy not merely by kids but in addition by their particular parents. How come it thus? Firstly, webkinz toy is pretty cute: it’s really a pretty deluxe toy of several types regarding animals, in order to choose some of these animals; it depends in the taste. In fact, a deluxe toy will be splendid; nonetheless, wouldn’t that so popular, if that were a normal plush plaything? Surely, not necessarily! What could be the main key of webkinz? It really is developing, educative and connected with modern technology (up-to-date to state). Each deluxe toy family pet has a unique secret code that delivers you having an opportunity to be able to enter a unique world: the entire world of webkinz. Nowadays your young ones can get a lot of hours regarding games, entertaining, and schooling. The internet site of webkinz plaything pets is completed using the goal of children’s appropriate development and also advanced schooling. Children can easily adopt their particular pets on the net and then care for them: make money for the kids, feed the particular pets, take these to the vet surgeon, play and speak to them. Hence, the internet site gives your young ones to be able to learn the way to budget, make funds and care for household wants and animals.

Some webkinz details Now the many fascinating webkinz information: the internet site on webkinz arranges various plans, for illustration webkinz pet with the month as an example. The principal point with the program is the fact each calendar month a webkinz family pet is picked. If you enter in the plush’s key code in the course of its calendar month, you can easily aquire any Loot Bag filled up with gifts, as an example: Kinzcash, an original Pet with the Month Merchandise, a Wshop Coupon etc. If you might be the master of the webkinz pets with the Month, you can go for special activities that exist through the particular month.

Now I’ll offer you some excellent info with what animals are usually webkinzs pet with the month. The Webkinz Panda is known as to become your furry friend of the particular Month regarding May ’08, Webkinz Elephant continues to be named your furry friend of the particular Month regarding June ’08, also it absolutely was asserted the particular Webkinz Cheeky Monkey is the Pet with the Month regarding July ’08. So look at this webkinz details and be involved in the tournament of webkinz pets with the month!

Why Pet owner Need Boarding regarding Dogs Companies?

Owning any pet will not just find yourself after getting them and also giving little care. They will need regular attention and further care occasionally and a single cannot basically ignore these when they should go out there for perform or to get a vacation or perhaps for whatever else. There are numerous dog masters who question in regards to the importance regarding boarding regarding dogs companies. Well, clearly they don’t really actually understand the value and features of this service for pet thus here we all will discuss in regards to the cat boarding and also pet attention services. First of all, you should be aware of when you truly require puppy boarding companies?
First of most, people take into account pet boarding when they go out with the town where they can not take their particular pets together with. Also, when people need to keep their particular pets away inside the time regarding renovation or any task then a cat boarding companies is regarded as being really invaluable but actually they’re alternative use of pet boarding. The key motive with the dog boarding is always to provide best and risk-free stay for the pet.
Sometimes pet owners cannot spend sufficient time with their particular pets for sports, exercise and also health functions but that will not change the requirement of family pet. Every feline requires several sports and also exercising moment. Also, proper care is vital for every one of the pets which is what you’ll get in boarding regarding dogs. Your puppy will become safe, happy and a lot importantly, will become healthy on a regular basis in boarding companies.
Boarding companies manages all family pet requirements in order that pet can easily stay peaceful, happy, healthful and risk-free. Additionally, when you may consider taking your puppy to the particular boarding service day or two every calendar month then it’s going to give several outing time and energy to your pet along with your pet are certain to get a way to meet together with other puppies.
Additionally, the appropriate vaccination and also cleanliness is important for the dogs when you take your puppy to the particular boarding facility then you can certainly stay far from vaccination problems. They can do the appropriate vaccination to your cat and definately will care for cleaning and also regular exercises which means your dog can easily stay without any stress on a regular basis.

So, no matter whether you have enough time or perhaps patience to your pet attention or not necessarily but selecting dog boarding could possibly be best solution for the worries and also problems. Just what exactly are you looking forward to? If there is a dog next consider taking your furry friend to the particular cat boarding no less than few days in the month so your pet can easily stay suit and happy on a regular basis! You will not necessarily demand adding your own personal commitment for puppy care due to the fact pet boarding can do this to suit your needs.

Where to find the Best Pet Boarding Companies?

It will be troublesome once in a while to spend the our animals and area them inside pet boarding. Settling on perfect area that may abandon an individual with genuine peace along with your pet having a unique experience might be a test. Here will be the a handful of tips so that you can consider, when buying either area, your pet are certain to get exceptional thought. Ask the Vet, canine groomer or perhaps companions around the off chance they’ve a affiliate or guide. On the particular off chance which you do utilize Internet, scrutinize for the extent that that you can, including any Google scan for your business as well as the holders identify.
Useful regarding safety regarding pets
Pet boarding divisions make items less strenuous for family pet managers simply by guaranteeing in which pets are maintained, showered, well prepared and preserved. For an expense, you can easily relax realizing your dearest pet is at protected palms. Be mindful about unknown pet boarding administrations, then once more, and dependably validate they’re official and have been around in the enterprise for at the very least after some duration. When an individual contact prospective pet friends, ask them the quantity experience have that they had and would certainly they manage to give recommendations. Inquire concerning whether you can find leads about sustained or perhaps unsprayed puppies.
Check the location yourself
There is not very like inside individual check out. Make a great errand and also go to consider the buildings your furry friend may be residing at. Request any tour, including where your furry friend will become investing most of the time at their particular offices. The family pet boarding area must be clean, without any smells, fecal retailers and insect free. Watch which they watch wellbeing as well as the area is without any poisons and also lethal chemical compounds. Is right now there sufficient oxygen ventilation which is somebody around the reason. Note around the off chance which they utilize family pet hotels, the dimensions and around the off chance it is a appropriate size to your pet to go about uninhibitedly.
Check the particular security measures given by pet boarding companies
In the wedding that your furry friend will become going exterior, inquire concerning whether the house is entirely fenced. Around the off chance your canine provides practices regarding climbing or perhaps burrowing, instruct them forthright, so they may be mindful regarding any prospective issues and how you can address these. It is important that someone is routinely keeping an eye on your family pet and enquire about the work schedule and just how regularly your furry friend is wandered, and offered time exterior. In the wedding that the pooch provides exceptional wants, for illustration, prescriptions, ask how it’ll be obliged when will your puppy be suffered.

It could be tedious but examining is critical. Solicit parcels coming from inquiries , nor accept things will probably be carried out there. A respectable pet boarding administration need to react your inquiries and stay useful. It’s essential that you will be agreeable using them and the location, to have got real peace as soon as your pet is sticking to them.