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A Pet Parent’s Guide to Using a Dog Whistle

A dog whistle is one of the most tools used by behavior experts and professionals to train canines, and it is also known as the Galton’s whistle. So what’s so special about such a whistle? Well, first things first, dog whistles are not normal whistles that you get in the market. These are products that are manufactured to produce ultrasonic range of sounds, which humans cannot always hear, but animals can- including canines and felines. The whistle was first invented by Francis Galton in 1876, and since then, it has been used for a number of purposes by people dealing with animals.

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Do you need a dog whistle?

Some of the online stores have high demand for such whistles because of the number of advantages that this product offers, but how you use them has to tell a lot in terms of benefits you get. The good thing is these whistles don’t really make the annoying sounds of a regular whistle, which means you can train your dog around the park or anywhere possible without actually disturbing others. Some of the whistles have special sliders, which help in getting control of the frequency produced, and you should be looking for trusted brand before buying. Usually, the whistle is used for behavior modification and for getting the attention of the dog.


How to use the whistle?

Command and right attitude is the key to canine behavior training, and for that, the dog whistle can be quite an aid. Professionals use these whistles with regular words to train the dog. Keep in mind that dogs may understand a few of the words and the relevant meaning you convey to them, but they don’t always like too much of talk. As such, the whistle is a simple tool to get their attention and also gain the kind of behavior you expect. Always remember the fact that canine training isn’t easy and it takes a lot of commitment and patience, which means any tool isn’t just enough. You need to have authority over the dog before you can use the tools.


Where can you get these whistles?

Always go for genuine online stores or local pet shops to get good quality whistles. You can pet shops to get access to some of the best products. Pet owners must also appreciate that more than the collar, they also need to get a trainer early with their dog, depending on the breed. Some breeds are hard to train, while others are easier to guide. The whistle can be helpful in getting the dog listen to command and use the different words to create a complete training program.

As a pet owner, you should own all the training aids, and the dog whistle is certainly one of the things that do help in getting the right performance from a dog. Make sure to use it rightly, and you will have a pooch that listens to you and cares for your commands at all times, both in and out of the home.